Getting Started

We know that learning a new platform can be daunting, so we've created these guides to show you how you can quickly get up and running on the new website. 

Step 1) Sign In To Your New Admin Account

Goto then click red SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE button and follow prompts to grant access to your Google account.


Note: Be sure to login using your email address (for example: Also, we recommend using Google Chrome as your browser when logging into your Admin Account.

Step 2) Setup Content On Your New Agent Website

Use your Admin Account to manage the content featured on your new Agent Website. Once you are logged in, you will be able to edit your bio, designation, industry awards, profile image, featured listings and about page image. You can also add your social media channels. Here's how. 

Step 1) Click WEBSITE tab in top menu (be sure you performed above step to sign in to your account) 

Step 2) Optional: Update Your Profile Image. Your profile image will display in the Agent Directory. It also appears on your Agent Website and your Listing Details pages. Recommended size: at least 300W x 300H, pixels. 

Click UPLOAD IMAGE (or click DELETE then UPLOAD IMAGE if you are replacing an existing image). Select the new image file on your computer then click OPEN.


Step 3) Optional: Add Up To 4 Featured Listings To Your Agent Website. 

Scroll to FEATURED LISTINGS section and click + ADD LISTING. Enter MLS# of listing you wish to feature, then click +ADD


Step 4) Optional: Add A Unique Image Of Yourself To About Section (this image will appear above bio and contact information on your agent website). Recommended size: at least 960W x 420H.

Scroll to ABOUT & CONTACT section then click UPLOAD IMAGE

Step 5) Optional: Update Your Bio. Enter revised bio content.  

Step 6) Optional: Add Your Social Media Channel Links. Enter the username of each social media account you wish to feature.

Step 7) Click SAVE.

Note: You can also feature blog posts on your Agent Website. Simply let the Support Team know which post(s) you'd like to feature and be sure to share a high resolution image for each post (sized at least 1600W x 900H). We'll take care of it for you. 

Step 3) Enhance Images Featured On Your Listing Pages (Upload High Res Images)

Follow these steps if you wish to to add, reorder, delete or enhance images featured on your listing pages.

Note: If you need assistance featuring high resolution images on your listing pages, we're here to help. Simply share your high resolution listing images using with the Support Team and we'll take care of it for you. 

Step 1) Click LISTINGS tab in top menu

Step 2) Click thumbnail image of the listing you wish to edit

Step 3) Click PICTURES tab

Step 4) Remove existing image(s) you no longer wish to feature by clicking “X” next to unwanted image(s)


Step 5) Select new listing image(s) you wish to feature then drag and drop image file(s) to UPLOAD FOLDER OR DRAG AND DROP YOUR FILE HERE button


Step 6) Optional: Change Order Listing Images Display. Click and drag the images to the desired order.


Step 4) Update Video Featured On Your Listing Page

Follow these steps if you wish to add or remove the videos featured on your listing page.

Step 1) Click LISTINGS tab in top menu

Step 2) Click thumbnail image of the listing you wish to edit

Step 3) Click VIDEOS tab

Step 4) To remove unwanted video(s), click X next to video thumbnail image(s)


Step 5) To add a new video, click ADD ANOTHER VIDEO

Step 6)  Click UPLOAD A VIDEO

Step 7)  Locate and select video file on your computer then click OPEN

Step 8) Click UPDATE LISTINGS to save changes (Note: please be patient - video may take a few minutes to process

Step 5) Update Your Agent Website URL

Your Agent Website URL will need to be reset once the new site is officially launched to the public. To be sure your Website URL redirects correctly, please let the Support Team know what URL you are using (for example: We'll take care of it for you.